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Kuciel Electronics
The Founder of Kuciel Electronics


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Daniel Kuciel testing out an early Nola Night Fuzz via his keyboard.

Daniel Kuciel in the early days of Kuciel Electronics

Kuciel Electronics started in the early days of 1988. Daniel Kuciel always had an interest in electronics and music, but he couldn't find a job that would encompass both of his interests equally. Daniel didn't want to just fix other people's electronics, but instead he wanted to create his own electronic devices. This is where music came into the picture.

Daniel decided to make effects pedals and effects units. With a musician grant, Dan opened up his small shop in the downtown location of 107th ave & 109th street in Edmonton, Canada. This is where Dan would create such masterpieces as: the Nola Night Fuzz, the Alien Reverb, the Charmaine Domain, the Swimming-17, and The Glisterin.

Daniel didn't want to make mass produced, cheaply made, products with machine manufactured circuit boards. Daniel instead choose to utilize breadboards(when neccessary), studio grade electronic components on the inside with point to point wiring, and gigging quality pots, jacks, dials, switches, and casings on the outside.

Kuciel Electronics was doing well. Daniel's various pedals were being sold in smaller quantities in various countries around the world. After all, Daniel was making the pedals himself and he could only make so many at a time. Daniel chose quality over quantity, just like we here at Kuciel Electronics continue to do.

All new pedals, pre-amplifiers, and R&D designs must pass the sharp eyes of Jeff Ziebart and Charles Gray. If the new design does not meet their approval, then the design goes back to the drawing board. Charles Gray and Jeff Ziebart work very hard at Kuciel Electronics to create and hand-build quality products without the boutique price tag.

Currently Daniel is pursuing his musical career. He can presently be found on the Jean Michel Jarre Tribute Album.

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