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Kuciel Electronics
Nola Night Fuzz


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The Nola Night Fuzz

Very hard and very durable thick metal casing.

Kuciel Electronics is proud to present our sauciest fuzz pedal yet. We bring you the Nola Night Fuzz.

The Nola Night Fuzz features discrete components and top notch switches and pots, encased in a hefty aluminum housing. The Nola Night Fuzz can be powered by either a 9-volt battery or a common
9 volt adaptor(Boss PSA or equivelant)

We individualy test and tune each pedal before it is shipped . We then sign the inside of each and every Nola Night Fuzz .

The Nola Night Fuzz sells for $160.00 US including shipping within the US, Canada, and Mexico. (E-mail us for shipping charges elsewhere)

To order, click "how to order" on the top of this page.

Each Kuciel Electronics pedal comes with a full one year warrantee.