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Kuciel Electronics
Kuciel Electronics


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Each Kuciel pedal is individually soldered and hand-built by Jeff Ziebart.

This is Jeff Ziebart's work bench where the electronics of each Kuciel pedal is created.

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Kuciel Electronics is located in sunny Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, just a few city blocks from the very scenic Kelowna City Beach. Occasionally Jeff Ziebart or and Charles Gray can be seen there dreaming up the next Kuciel Electronics pedal.

A view of Okanagan Lake from the Kelowna City Beach.

On this very bench came the idea of the Brigitte STD: Super Transmodulated Distion. Charles and Jeff took a break from the Research and Development area of Kuciel Electronics to get some fresh air. While at this very bench, Jeff brought up some new ideas he has for a dedicated distortion pedal. Charles liked the idea, as many letters and emails have requested just this. Charles decided on a name that would encompass what the new pedal would be like. And just like that, the idea for the Brigette STD was born.

All Kuciel Electronics products can be ordered directly from Kuciel Electronics, which gives you the musician the best price.